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Cómo Fair Trade Certified™ puede ayudarle a alcanzar sus Criterios Globales de Turismo Sostenible

Delivering on social and environmental commitments through responsible sourcing

The hospitality industry is increasingly realizing the advantages of shifting practices toward equitable, ecological, and sustainable sourcing. Fair Trade Certified products contribute to your ability to manage your risk and reputation, while strengthening your supply chain and improving the lives of workers, farmers, and fishers and their communities.

Aligning with the Global Sustainable Certification B3 Criteria, “Delivering local economic benefits by supporting fair trade,” Fair Trade Certified also help brands and businesses show leadership by demonstrating positive impact on social and environmental issues.

Rigorous fair trade standards require safe working conditions, a more sustainable income, and better workforce engagement. In addition to other critical issues in supply chains, like safeguarding against forced labor, fair trade includes robust environmental requirements ensuring the sustainability of the planet and people.

From coffee and tea, to snacks, to towels and linens, adding Fair Trade Certified products to your hotel is easy! Many of your suppliers likely have products in their catalogue that feature our certification seal, and you can find them directly using our Partner Portal’s online search tool.

Download this resource guide that contains powerful data to consider as you plan, procure, and implement your criteria commitments and learn how Fair Trade USA™ can support you in meeting those goals.