Your shopping guide to brands selling ethically-sourced fair trade chocolate.

When it comes to revolutionizing the cocoa industry, your job is the easiest… and the tastiest.

You may not know it based on first glance, but chocolate products go through a lengthy process to earn the Fair Trade Certified™ seal. Producers and businesses we work with adhere to strict labor, environmental, and ethics standards that prohibit slavery and child labor and ensure cocoa growers receive a steady income, regardless of volatile market prices. It’s not an easy process. You can thank them for their commitment, and incentivize even more sustainably-made chocolate, by enjoying fair trade chocolate in its many forms, from chocolate bars, powders, and baking chips to ingredients in energy bars and snacks.

The brands in this guide are just a few that have committed to sourcing fair trade chocolate in their products so you can make a difference in the world with your purchase. Whether you shop online or look for these brands in-store, be sure to look for the Fair Trade Certified seal.

More facts about fair trade chocolate:

  • 35 million pounds of Fair Trade Certified cocoa are imported from around the world annually, predominantly from the Ivory Coast, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. 
  • Through your purchase of Fair Trade Certified chocolate since 1998, nearly $14 million has been invested back into communities of cocoa producers, resulting in life-transforming projects, such as building schools in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • According to the most recent reports, cocoa farmers earned over $3.2 million in Community Development Funds within the span of one year.