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Revisión estándar: estándar de producción agrícola (APS)

Fair Trade USA™ está comenzando una revisión importante de nuestro Estándar de Producción Agrícola. Esta página se mantendrá actualizada con información sobre el proceso de revisión, incluyendo de qué forma podrá usted participar.


The original version of the APS (v 1.0.0) was first published in 2017 and entered into force in 2018. In 2021 a minor revision (v 1.2.0) was completed, which clarified existing requirements and issued an amendment to US Certificate Holders and the US dairy industry.

While the initial five years of APS implementation provided valuable insights, Fair Trade USA recognized the need for a substantial update to ensure the APS remained relevant across diverse geographies and industries. Consequently, the first major revision commenced in 2022 with internal scoping, followed by stakeholder input collection in 2023. The revision process was temporarily paused in 2023 to align with the organization’s strategy and Agriculture Program redesign, ensuring alignment with stakeholder needs and Fair Trade USA’s overarching goals.

Please see the updated Project Plan below for more information on the major revision goals, activities and timeline.

Siguientes pasos

As the project progresses, Fair Trade USA will create opportunities for comment and feedback on the APS 2.0.0 draft, including at least one public comment period. Interested stakeholders are welcome to email us at with questions, comments, or to request notification of the opening date of the public comment period.

Recursos de revisión

Plan del proyecto: revisión principal de APS

Incluye información sobre el proceso, las actividades del proyecto y el cronograma para revisar el Estándar de Producción Agrícola.