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Mejore su marca de café con comercio justo

Ready to begin your better business journey? Fair Trade Certified™ is your ticket! Here’s how becoming certified can help you.

Consolide la resiliencia de su cadena de suministro.

  • Actively manage potential risk with rigorous fair trade standards ensuring safe working environments and improved conditions, wages, working hours, benefits, and the elimination of forced labor and poverty
  • Improve operational efficiency and performance
    • Get support and training in field to help ensure compliance to Fair Trade Certified Standards
    • More sustainable income and better working conditions increase worker retention (less turnover and absenteeism) with more satisfied and engaged employees
  • Improves workers’ lives and communities with Fair Trade Certified processes and Community Development Funds that contribute to long-term improvements in supplier communities, increasing resiliency
    • Fair Trade Community Development Funds go directly to initiatives determined by workers for their benefit that support communities
    • The Fair Trade Committee process engages worker voice and participation

Advance your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals

  • Accelerate your ESG/ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals
  • Help reach B-Corp Certification

Fortalezca su marca.

  • Mitigate potential reputational risk such as undetected labor violations in your supply chain
  • Get peace of mind with rigorous, ISEAL-compliant third-party certification and auditing by Fair Trade USA ensures credibility of your commitments and demonstrates authenticity to your consumers
  • Ensure traceability and transparency with data
  • Evolve your brand compliance and cost (CSR) to value creation and innovation (ESG)

Build loyalty and meet your consumers’ demand

  • 66% of consumers recognize the Fair Trade Certified seal
  • 78% of consumers trust the Fair Trade Certified seal
  • 1 in 3 consumers are more likely to purchase with the Fair Trade Certified seal
  • 75% of consumers indicate a third-party certification provides trust that a product/company is taking sustainable action.

Por qué el Comercio Justo - Helen Russell, directora general de Equator Coffees & Teas

Helen Russell, directora ejecutiva de Equator Coffees & Teas, habla acerca de ser una de las primeras empresas en vender café Fair Trade Certified y qué significa eso para la cadena de suministro en su totalidad.

El café Fair Trade hace la diferencia


Certified Organizations

Agilice el suministrado bajo los términos de Fair Trade Certified – Aproveche casi 400 organizaciones de productores de café certificados de comercio justo, que hoy van en aumento

$31 millones

Development Funds

En 2021, los socios de café de comercio justo generaron $31 millones en Desarrollo Comunitario Comercio Justo con el fin de promover comunidades prósperas y cadenas de suministro resistentes.


Average Increase

Dollar sales at a national retailer increased 3.3% on average in the 6 months after adding the Fair Trade Certified seal to their products

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Our Standards

Review our Agricultural Production Standards (APS) & Trade Standards


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See why more than 1,400 companies have chosen fair trade certification to meet sustainability goals, increase brand trust, and reach more shoppers.

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