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Enhancing your dairy brand with fair trade

Why Fair Trade Dairy

Dairy farming in the U.S. has never been easy. Issues such as overproduction, volatile markets, and a rise in dairy alternatives have contributed to a sharp decline in the number of dairy farms across the country. Meanwhile, worker wellbeing and farm stewardship have declined as low prices place greater financial strain on dairy farms. Remaining competitive in the dairy sector today requires a new way of thinking and connecting with consumers. 

Embracing Fair Trade Certified™ is a catalyst for change and can offer your business a path forward. Our unique model of standards, premium, and supply chain services enable you to support struggling dairy farmers and ensure safe and respectful working conditions for workers. Fair trade certification is also a way to reenergize the dairy category and resonate with the buying public.

Ready to begin your better business journey? Learn more about how becoming certified can help your dairy business.

Solidify your dairy supply chain resiliency.

  • Actively manage potential risk with rigorous fair trade standards ensuring safer working environments and improved conditions, wages, working hours, and benefits.
    • Many dairy farmworkers are immigrants who lack legal protections. Fair trade ensures workers are recruited ethically, protects them from discrimination and ensures they are not subject to harassment or forced labor.
    • Accidents on dairies can be severe. Fair trade requirements help to minimize risks.
  • Mejorar el rendimiento y la eficiencia operativa.
    • Get support and training in-field to help ensure compliance to Fair Trade Certified Standards.
    • More sustainable income, better working conditions, and enhanced dialogue increases worker retention (less turnover and absenteeism) and engagement.
  • Improves workers’ lives and communities with Fair Trade Certified processes and Community Development Funds that contribute to long-term improvements.
Group of workers at Fair Trade Certified Dairy Farm
landscape photo of dairy farm

Avance en sus objetivos ambientales, sociales y de gobierno (ESG)

Fortalezca su marca.

  • Mitigate potential reputational risks such as undetected labor violations in your supply chain.
  • Confíe en la credibilidad de sus compromisos y demuestre autenticidad a sus consumidores. Fair Trade USA cumple con el Código ISEAL. Nuestro sistema ha sido evaluado de forma independiente conforme a los Códigos de buenas prácticas de ISEAL.
  • Garantice la trazabilidad y la transparencia mediante datos.
Woman reaching out to a cow in a barn
Shopper looking at milk and dairy products in store

Cree lealtad y satisfaga la demanda de sus consumidores

  • El 65 % de los consumidores reconoce el sello de Fair Trade Certified.
  • El 78 % de los consumidores confía en el sello Fair Trade Certified.
  • De cada 3 consumidores, es más probable que 1 compre con el sello Fair Trade Certified.
  • El 75 % de los consumidores indican que una certificación de terceros proporciona confianza en que un producto/empresa está llevando a cabo acciones sostenibles.
  • Find more U.S. consumer insights here.

Fair Trade Dairy Makes a Difference

Farmworker input and feedback were a critical part of the development of our Agricultural Production Standard (APS), and we continue to ensure farmworker voices are heard as we continue to evolve, adapt, and scale the Fair Trade Certified Dairy program.

As part of our monitoring system, our team designed and implemented surveys of Fair Trade dairy workers and farmers at several dairy farms from 2020-2022. A total of 320 surveys were collected. Here are some of our findings.


Of workers have perceived an increase in leadership trust since fair trade certification


Of workers consider the Premium Fund the leading benefit of the fair trade program

$3,207 USD

The average monthly income of workers


Of workers are able to cover their basic needs (up 16% from 2020)


Of workers either strongly or somewhat agree with the statement ‘I feel valued by my employeras a worker on this farm’


Of workers are either very or somewhat satisified working at their farm

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